Same Sex Attraction and Moral Liberation
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Catholic homosexuality

Same Sex Attraction and Moral Liberation

A Beacon for the Storm Tossed Traveler in the Modern World

Catholic homosexuality
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Catholic homosexuality

Welcome and peace to all who visit this website! This website is dedicated to:

  • the promotion of Christian sexual morality among those who experience same sex attraction, and...
  • their treatment with respect, compassion and sensitivity by others

The creator of this website hopes that each of you may find something herein useful, insightful or at least provocative, whether you be of a heterosexual, homosexual or mixed inclination, and whether you be an orthodox Catholic, a Christian believer or otherwise.

Although the number of those who experience same sex attraction and who currently feel the call to a life of Christian morality may be small, it can be hoped that there are at least some sympathetic spirits out there with whom one may share in the bonds of an invisible communion. This website sets forth to the cybercommunity at large some propositions on the subject of same sex attraction and Christianity. These principles reflect the ruminations of a lifetime of one who happens to experience same sex attraction and is informed by the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Our cultural milieu is filled with shrill polemics from all sides on the subject of homosexuality. On the one hand, there is still a great deal of hatred directed against those with same sex attraction as persons. On the other hand, the gay activists encourage an "in your face" confrontational attitude and promote what many view as sinful behavior as well as a victim mentality on the part of those with same sex attraction.

The long term trends in society would appear to be mixed. On the positive side, the visceral hatred of persons with same sex attraction may diminish over time as people understand better the deep seated nature this inclination can take. On the negative side, we appear to be witnessing the triumph of the gay activist ideology that any and all safe and consensual sexual activity is not only licit, but to be positively celebrated, and that any expression of traditional Christian moral values on sexuality must be anathematized.

Inducements to promiscuity abound in the present day, while the virtue of chastity is denigrated. Sexual gratification has become seen in many quarters as the highest good in life. Relationships of a sexual nature between those of the same sex are lauded as the equivalent of heterosexual marriage, despite their very different context, even while the value of chaste friendship seems debased. Is it any wonder that we seem to be witnessing a certain coarsening of daily life and the growing ubiquity of a cynical "what's in it for me" attitude?

Some of us with same sex attraction who take seriously the notion of a moral conscience as informed by the Christian revelation feel at sea and demoralized in the modern world. Clear and balanced statements that speak the truth in love from an authentic Christian perspective are rare. One feels compelled either to accept the ideology of "gay pride" and "coming out" and embrace without reservation the promiscuous "gay" lifestyle or else to live a life of self hatred and loneliness.

Neither of these unappealing alternatives is necessary to the believing Christian with same sex attraction. We CAN lead fulfilling lives with spiritual and emotional health by doing what God calls us to do -- live a life of holy chastity in conformity with his will and seek out true and chaste friendships with others. The truth about homosexuality is still as valid as it ever was - simply put, we must balance love for all persons with respect for the teachings of the Church on sexual morality. This truth is nothing of which to be ashamed.

It is imperative to keep in mind in this regard that truth and right are not always the same as what is most popular. Consider the issue of abortion: simply because support for abortion is widespread does not mean that it is morally justifiable to kill a human fetus. If a majority of people thought it appropriate to send Jews to concentration camps, that would not make such a policy right. And once we know the truth, we should be willing to grapple with, internalize and live it, with God's help. The propositions set forth below constitute a feeble attempt to start filling the gap in modern discourse by succinctly spelling out the truth in love as I apprehend it. It is my sincere prayer that these principles may act as a beacon for souls in this troubled world and a balm to reconcile and heal!

Before launching into the following exposition, I would like to express my gratitude at the support in maintaining chastity provided by the Catholic ministry "Courage". This ministry is designed to help those with same sex attraction live chastely in accordance with Catholic teaching. I encourage all Catholics with same sex attraction and other interested parties to consider seeking out this ministry with a truly open mind.

One final introductory note -- while I do consider myself a member of Courage, the opinions and beliefs set forth below are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Courage or of the Catholic Church. I hasten to add that as a true son of the Church, I submit to her maternal correction if any jot or tittle herein is at variance with her teachings on faith and morals.

Put on the whole armor
of God...Stand therefore,
having girded your loins
with truth, and having
put on the breastplate
of righteousness, and
having shod your feet
with the equipment of
the gospel of peace;
above all taking the
shield of faith, with
which you can quench all
the flaming darts of the
evil one. And take the
helmet of salvation, and
the sword of the Spirit,
which is the word of God.
(Ephesians 6:11, 14-17)

Same Sex Attraction and Moral Liberation
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Non est hic aliud nisi domus Dei et porta caeli.

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